About Us

Our Approach

At Media Mezcla LLC, we want our clients to succeed. We will provide you with the best software, service, and support on the market. We’ll consult for you on technology or media issues.

We’ll do whatever we can to make things work, because we’re just as committed as you to refreshing the political atmosphere. With the right tools, the right team, and the right message, we know that new progressives can create change in America today.

Our Services

Our primary purpose is to deliver the best tools for campaigns and non-profits, at affordable prices, through our Campaign Engine platform.

Our Name

“Mezcla” means “mixture” in Spanish.

President and Founder

Ben Schaffer

Ben founded Media Mezcla LLC after working as a media consultant in industries such as finance, real estate, pharmaceuticals, publishing, and consumer products.

Like many others, he felt galvanized by the possibilities of political change when he worked on the Dean campaign, in various roles in New York and Burlington.

After the campaign ended, Ben was often asked by his former colleagues, now consultants for other candidates, if there was a campaign software package better than the many they had tried. When he discovered no existing software could do all that was needed, Campaign Engine was his response.