Campaign Engine 4.0

The simplest, most comprehensive management software for Democratic and progressive campaigns, activists, and not-for-profit organizations.

Campaign Engine is not just a campaign web site, but a platform for all the work of your campaign.

Feature Details

Constituent Relationship Management Made Easy. Campaign Engine automatically generates records of everything your supporters do — when they make contributions, sign up for events, volunteer, sign petitions, send or receive Tell a Friend messages, or simply ask to be added to your mailing list — so you have a combined view of all your supporter activity.

Accept Contributions Automatically. Your site can process credit cards for contributions, event tickets, or memberships. Or you can enter check, cash, or in-kind contributions. All transactions are tagged with useful data and routed to the account you choose. And we take no commission on contributions, so your cost is the lowest possible.

Organize Events. Let supporters sign up for fundraisers or free events. Instead of bringing a check and filling out paperwork at the door, they pay in advance — and all you do on event day is check them off the list.

Stay in Touch with Your Supporters. Anyone in your database can be reached with the built-in email broadcast package. Segment your lists any way you want to reach people with just the right message. Then review statistics on the results to see which approach works best. And keep notes on your staff's contacts with supporters through phone calls, meetings, events, or any categories you define.

Collect the Data You Need. With our unique Form Designer, you can customize volunteer, email signup, contribution, or event forms with any combination of standard and custom fields, in the order you choose.

Generate Custom Reports Anytime. Put together call lists or contribution histories on the fly with our report generator, which saves your data in PDF format for easy printing or emailing. And the report engine can be extended to any report layout you need, for the specific requirements of your data.

Rally the Troops with Calls to Action. Create an unlimited number of different Tell a Friend messages for your supporters to email. Or set up petitions, to learn about your supporters' interests and collect their information. Track which initiatives are getting the greatest response, and who among your site visitors is participating.

Keep Your Web Site Current. In a fast-moving campaign, the last thing you need is for your site to be hard to update. We’ve partnered with Six Apart Ltd., makers of the internationally popular Movable Type, to integrate their elegant content management system into Campaign Engine. Which means you can spend more time working on the message, not the medium.

Sort Your Data Your Way. Add custom fields to user records to track any detail. Use the powerful built-in search to segment your data by any criteria — geographically, by contributions, by mailing lists, or according to any custom field.

Import and Export What You Want. Bring in your existing user records and contribution histories in Excel format, so you can begin building your data. And export anything back into Excel, for mail merges, FEC filings, or any other reason. For maximum flexibility, the custom results of any search can be exported.

Built for Your Team, Not for Techies. Most importantly, Campaign Engine’s ease of use means your regular staff can administer it, without needing technical expertise or expensive support contracts. Of course, we’re also here to help, with free technical support included with every site.

Pricing for Your Budget. Campaign Engine is the most affordable campaign management software in its class. Click here for pricing information.

New Features Added Regularly, for Free. We deliver feature updates to Campaign Engine on a regular basis — about every two weeks. As long as you use Campaign Engine for your site, you’ll get all these features at no extra charge.

More Compatible. Unlike the competition, our software is platform-independent, so you can use it on Mac, Windows, or Linux. It’s also compatible with modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Don’t Take Our Word for It. There are many products available today for political campaigns, but none as complete, flexible, and friendly as Campaign Engine from Media Mezcla LLC. Request a free demo today and see for yourself.

Congratulate Our Winners!

  • U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (OR)
  • Governor Lincoln Chafee (RI)
  • State Senator Bill Perkins (NY)
  • State Senator Daniel Squadron (NY)
  • Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon (NY)

Feature Overview

Version 4.0

Campaign Engine is versatile and powerful campaign management software: it’s the campaign in a box. Selected features include:

Integrated Database

  • Keep track of your supporters, contributors, and volunteers in one unified database that integrates with all other components
  • Import and export contact and financial records
  • Create any number of custom fields
  • Easy to use search plus an advanced Query Builder
  • Save any search results as an email list or Excel file
  • Automated duplicate matching
  • Automated email list cleaning
  • Unlimited admin accounts with the access levels you choose

Outreach and Data Collection

  • Create any number of forms for your site, with your choice of fields
  • Create calls to action with trackable Tell a Friend messages
  • Motivate your supporters with petitions to sign
  • Automatic, customizable email response when a user contributes, signs up for an event, and more


  • Accept contributions online, including recurring contributions
  • Automatically tracks memberships, for member-based organizations
  • Route different contributions to different accounts
  • Supports credit cards, checks, cash, or in-kind
  • Tag contributions with useful, searchable data
  • Include reference codes to identify source
  • Works with credit card merchant accounts, so you pay no extra fees
  • Compatible with NGP, ActBlue, and Party2Win


  • Organize any number of events, paid or free
  • Guests sign up online for tickets
  • Unlimited levels of ticket per event
  • Save or print your guest list

Email Broadcast

  • Broadcast to your supporters with a built-in email program
  • Supports easy-to-use templates
  • Unlimited number of segmented mailing lists
  • Create mailing lists from any search result, event guest list, petition signature list, etc.
  • Flexible personalization of messages with any database fields
  • Automated subscription handling

Web Presence

  • Manage web content with built-in Movable Type
  • Upload and manage images and files for reuse on the site or in emails
  • Support for any media type: blogs, images, audio, video
  • Site design modifiable through regular web standards
  • Hosting of your site included

Analytics and Reporting

  • Admin Dashboard showing site financial and signup activity in real time
  • Generate PDF reports on users and contributions to print or email
  • Analyze web traffic and visitors
  • Full statistics for email and Tell a Friend messages: open tracking, click-through tracking, and bounces
  • Customizable reporting for your specific needs
  • Optional integration with Google Analytics


  • Operating Systems: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Web Browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera